WELCOME to www.hapworkingtheworld.com

Welcome People,

 Well its been a while coming. I’ve finally finished my Website/Blog, (after starting it after my accident in October), and its ready for blogging.  From now on you can follow what I get up to here at www.hapworkingtheworld.com, or maybe  just my mother and me will check it, but atleast you know where it is.  So those ‘Hap’ length emails are now a thing of the past.  

With my website I have set it up into Chapters.  Each chapter representing a period of time when I was in a different place or working a different job. So you can see where my travels have taken me. I have tried to summarise each chapter, so if you were in that chapter and didn’t get a mention, don’t worry, I still love you. 

You can  keep up-to-date where I am currently with the blog, which if you like is the ‘current chapter’. So currently I am in Perth, WA. So all my coming blog posts will be about what I’m up to at the moment, or maybe just my thoughts on the world, who knows? not me, we’ll see what unfolds. 

You can also check out all my travel photos from past chapters at the ‘photobucket’ link in the right hand column (I still have to upload my Colombia and NZ photos). I suggest that if you have travelled with me and are still waiting for me to send you photos, download them as you may be waiting a couple more years ;). 

 Well, if anyone else except my mum came for a look at my blog, hope you enjoyed, and if in the future you need to waste some more time at work, please come again.

 nuthin but love hap

 ps Cheers to Chiz for helping me out. (cheers to jo for offering to help as well).

pps you can write comments and I will get them in my email.