Where am I working?

So where am I now? I’m currently working at Woodie Woodie Manganese Mine as an Exploration Field Assistant. Woodie Woodie is located in the middle of bloody nowhere! Its located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 400km South East of Port Hedland. The closest town is Marble Bar (check out map below), with a population of roughly 300 and is famous for being the hottest recorded place in Australia, with 161 consecutive days over 37.6 degrees Celsius! 

I’m on a 2:1 roster meaning I spend 2 weeks out at Woodie Woodie, and 1 week of R&R in Perth, and guess what today is. The day I fly back for my week of R&R, woop woop. So catch you’ll later and stay posted here and I will go into more detail of what I’m doing here, where I’m living, camp life etc.

Map of Western Australia