5 years!

April 7th 2003 was the day I arrived in Korea at the start of my little journey aged 21, short haired, clean shaven and innocent. To think its been 5 years and now I’m 26, dreadlocked, bearded (in the poorest sense of the word, its a disgrace really, it’s more like a wayward goaty), and not so innocent (don’t really think I was all that innocent to start with).

I Never thought I would of been working in the Australian outback 5 years on, didn’t actually know what I would of been doing.

But would just like to thank all those people who have helped me over the years, giving me a couch to surf, getting me work, looking after my traveling/broke/homeless/deported/injured butt.

To all the people I have met over the 5 years of travel, its been a blast, heres to another 3 and a half.

Nuthin but love hap