Welcome Press Readers

G’day Press Readers,

If you read my article in the Press and decided to have a little gander at my blog, Welcome!

In my blog you can see where I have been and what jobs I have been doing the past 5 years as I undertake my little journey to live and work in every continent of the world before I’m 30. If you are more interested in my article and working in Western Australia (WA), please read on.

The aim of the article was to set the story straight for people who tell the tales of how easy it is to get work in the Ozzie mining industry.  Also I wanted to bring potential kiwi departee’s expectations down to ground, so they are not disappointed when they arrive in OZ and find it harder to get work in the mines, accommodation etc.

But please don’t abort your plans due to my article, if theres a will theres a way, and theres also plenty of people who are in the right place at the right time. Although I painted a bit of grey picture with the article to try and dampen false expectations, I love my job, I love the 2:1 (2 weeks work and 1 week off) lifestyle, I love Perth, and I’m even loving the unique landscape of the Ozzie outback.

So if you want to read more about what I’m doing here in WA, click on the following links to previous posts I have written. I plan in the next 2 weeks to write a post on ‘Mining camp life’, and will get photos to show you what its like at the camp I am staying at. 

Where am I working?

What is my job?

The harsh outback environment (flies and heat)

A day I would rather forget!

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to come again.

Nuthin But Love Hap

PS I will get a post up on the camp I am staying at soon.