Summer teasing us.

The weekend just been brought out hopes that summer is here. Although it doesn’t get “freezing” here in Perth, when you work up north and its beautiful this time of year, then you get off the plane for your R&R in Perth, you realise that you are becoming a warm weather snob, and a wimp. 

All that is talked about is summer.  People live for summer here, as the beaches and weather are amazing. And our new house is definitely a summer a house, pool, BBQ area, and not too mention that’s it is cold. So we are all pretty excited for summer to hurry up.  And this weekend gave us a little glimpse that summer is here, even though it is bloody miles away. 

Here’s a couple of photos of our place, a bit of an impromptu Sunday Funday, with the massive kiwi crew that is here.  If anyones dropping by Perth, drop in.

Hurry up summer!