Hard day at work!

At work currently they have been doing mapping work of the regional sites out of the mine area, so the helicopter has been on site for the last couple of weeks.  I went up today, quite funny, the pilot, the Geologist and myself all kiwis – flying kiwi’s.

Getting hot up here, I got put off work yesterday due to dehydration.  It is not much fun being severely dehydrated. I had drunk 7 litres of water by midday but I had woken up quite dehydrated and couldn’t process the water in time. You just get clumsy (more so), head aches, feel like vomiting etc. I just came right this afternoon. For example one of the photos below was taken just after 7am and it was already up to 34 degrees Celsius, and it just keeps getting warmer, a lot warmer from there!

Off tomorrow with the mine Emergency Response Team to train with a neighbouring mine on fire-fighting training, so really looking forward to that, I may put some photos up if I get a chance to snap any.

Anyway heres some photos as me posing as usual.