Exploring Koh Phangan in the beast

The past week you haven’t heard from me as I have been exploring neighbouring island Koh Phangan with friends from Perth, Codie, Puks, Jeff and Ji. And I also apologise for not replying to emails and comments as right now I’m tying up loose ends as we leave Koh Tao tomorrow for some travel in Thailand. But enough of that, on with the post.

The first day on the island Jeff and I did a mission into the pier area to hire one of the little 4×4 jeeps that the tourists rent to see the island. But instead of coming back to the crew with a rusted out small jeep with dodgy suspension, we pulled up in the beast. The beast was a pimped out 4×4 Toyota Hilux. We had a bit of a laugh, where else in the world can two guys hire a 4×4, looking scruffy, wearing no shirt, barefeet and boardies, and not even showing a drivers licence. I reckon we could of turned up with syringes hanging out of our arms and ‘I can’t drive’ tattooed on our foreheads and it still would have been OK. The best part was that it only cost us $120AUD for 3 days, gold!

With the 6 of us packed in the beast, we spent 3 whole days bumping our way over the rutted out dirt tracks exploring the remote beaches and waterfalls. There’s nothing like having the freedom of going where you want. Check out a few of the photos below.

Crossing a Koh Phangan styled bridge (or is that just two lamp posts that have fallen over)


Jeff making the most of the beast’s air conditioning by riding in the back.


Cooling off in the “earthy” waters of one of the waterfalls


Stopping at a random off road for a hot cup of chai around the camp fire – Just what you want when you’re sweating in the humidity of the jungle!


Lunch break at Thaan Sadet beach