I´m a junkie!

Yep, I´m a junkie, a junkie for change. I seem to be addicted to change, the high it gives you. When under the influence of change you start to look at things in a new light, you appreciate all that is around you as you know it will all be changing soon.

So, what is the change I am talking about that has spurred this post. Currently I´m living in Bariloche with an Argentine family attending a Spanish language school. The plan was to stay in this mountainous paradise until the end of the year, find a job and snowboard.

But as with all plans, they change. Mandy has been unable to find english teaching work as all schools shut due to the swine flu, and now they are on winter break.

Plus Bariloche has been very quiet compared to usual. The Brazilians that usually flock here have stayed away due to the swine flu. Also the poor start to the snow season has seen a drop in tourist numbers.  This means that the hostels and hotels which are the other under the table work options for foreigners are not busy, therefore not employing.

Soooooo, in 2 weeks time, after our rent is up with the family, it is goodbye Bariloche. A place that I think is extremely beautiful, and the people also. But you gotta ride the wave, so we are moving off to start another chapter in another country.

Which county you may ask? Well, I´m just going to be annoying and not tell you until the next post. But it is a another South American country, it is land locked, it is bilingual, and it´s not a country that tourists go to.

OK, until the next post.