Photos and update.

I’m sorry, I’ve been neglecting the blog over the past couple of weeks as I have been focusing on finding Antarctica work. Of which I am still in the process of doing and it is proving to be time consuming. It is also proving to be quite hard, but people have been very helpful and supportive in my little quest. Please keep the fingers crossed.

The past week we have been travelling through Uruguay but last night we crossed back into Argentina and are at Foz do Iguazu, the legendary waterfalls. We are off to check them out tomorrow, can’t wait. This coming weekend Mandy and I will be in Asuncion, kicking off the Paraguay chapter, so looking forward to that. (Hazel, if you reading this, can’t wait to catch up with you, hope you loving Chile).

I will get a couple of Uruguay posts up in the next couple of days, but until then check out my Bariloche album, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery in this album.