I Arrived in Ushuaia

Howdy folks,

Just letting you know that I arrived in Ushuaia, the proclaimed end of the world. There was patchy snow on the ground, 2˚C to welcome me. The past 2 days I have been here it has been snowing each day, there’s snow covering all the mountains. So not looking too good for camping in my cheap Paraguayan tent at this stage! Here’s a few photos from Ushuaia.

Ushuaia, El fin del mundo (the end of the world )

View from the dorm room door of my hostel

The snow covered mountains

The end of the road in South America. Pictured is Keith, an Englishman that had just arrived, completing the Journey from Alaska to Ushuaia on motorbike. I asked him how he felt “yeah good” was his response. He’s actually sitting next to me now as he came back and stay with us at the hostel. The funny part of his journey for me was that he hadn’t had a crash or accident the whole journey until he arrived in Ushuaia and was getting off his bike, caught his boot and fell over with the bike denting the petrol tanks!

And my new blog photo is taken at the supposed end of the world, that’s as close as I can get to Antarctica without actually going to Antarctica. It was darn cold as well, a lot different from Paraguay!