Waiting in Paradise

The waiting game is a bit of a mind game, constantly trying to keep the mind positive. It’s easy to be positive when things are going well, the real test is to be positive when things are going pear shaped, or in the unknown. But feeling good.

It’s a funny ol game though, do you think positively, “I’ve got the job”, or do you set-up a contingency plan in case it doesn’t work out. By thinking positively you build up your expectations, therefore setting your self up to be let down. My philosophy has been to think positive, and then deal with it when it happens, but easier said than done. Ahhhhh, the good ol mind games aye, us humans are great creatures aren’t we. OK, just thoughts.

I’m not good at waiting; in my opinion if you’re waiting you’re dying, valuable seconds of life you’re not going to get back. My plan was to go camping and hiking and get to know these beautiful mountains that surround this town at the end of the world.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t permit camping, rain, rain, and a lot of the 2 day hikes are still closed due to snow. But in a stroke of luck I met Scottish couple Pablo and Alena and Austrian Peter. We hit it off straight away as Pablo and Alena had very similar relationship troubles with immigration as Mandy and I had, Pablo also getting denied entry into Alenas home country etc, etc. So the past couple of days have been hiking, getting lost, laughing and trudging through bog. Been having a ball, Check out the photos.

Yeah not the best weather for camping when you have a cheap Paraguayan tent that’s meant for 30 degree summers.

Lost again, the swamp has eaten the path again.

Good looking back over the ground you have covered.

Not a bad lunch spot, the clouds parted and the sun managed to pop through, Gold.

The Emerald Lake

Heading up to the Glacier

We made it, time for a cuppa.

Pablo’s vertigo set in, entertaining for us not so much for him.

Me rocking Pablos 1983 ski glasses. Ushuaia in the background.