Here goes!

Hey folks,

This is going to be real quick post, I have been running around like a headless chicken all day, buying new shoes, new clothing, and other supplies, like shampoo and shaving cream (Its been a long time since buying that).

I have also been trying to get my medical completed. This involved going to one place to get my x-ray done, another place for my blood, faecal matter and urine sample, another place for my cardio gram, then collecting all the results and taking them to a doctor to do the medical. So I got the stamp of approval on my medical exam. But there were still a few tests I couldn’t complete due the results not being ready (it takes a week for the results to come back from Buenas Aires), so it still comes down to the doctor onboard giving me the go ahead to be able to embark the boat. Here is the email I received:

I advised the ship (Hotel Director and the Doctor) that you will show up tomorrow morning at the pier with all the paperwork. The Doctor will check your medical exams and based on his judgment you will be allowed to board…or not.

Good luck to you and all the best

So yep that’s it folk, tomorrow at 9am (in 10hours) I will be arriving at the pier where the cruise ship is. All going well I will spend the day getting my induction and then the boat leaves in the evening. If you haven’t heard from me in the next couple of days, it means I’m on my way to Antarctica! It hasn’t really sunk in yet, I haven’t had time to sit down and take it in, but it is very close, very close indeed, infact I just saw the boat pull up to the pier.

Oh yeah, another thing, those of you in New Zealand should check out this coming Sunday Star Times, my PR manager Barney (I pay him in smiles) got me an article with the lovely Emma. Those of you not in NZ will be able to view the article on line, just google Sunday Star Times.

OK folks, cheers for all the support, fingers crossed. Butterflies.