Shackleton’s resting place and giant slugs

Whilst in South Georgia I made the landing at Grytviken, which is the resting place of British explorer Ernest Shackleton. This site was where Shackleton organised his famous rescue operation to bring home his stranded team members after his ship the Endurance had been sunk by pack ice – this truly is a great story of bravery, leadership and persistent. I won’t go into it as I wouldn’t want to misinform.

Gryviken as well as being home to Shackleton is also the home to an old whaling station. There is also a great museum there. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the whaling station and reading all about it, trying to relive the days of yesteryear. Imagining the men working in freezing conditions covered in whale blubber!

Gryviken also has its fare share of seals and penguins. It was quite funny, on grassy flats where I’m use to seeing sheep and cows there were seals laying about that reminded of the giant slugs slithering over lettuce leaves. It was hard not to laugh, the noises that come from the seals it’s like when you hear someone fart when its all quiet, you know it’s childish but you just can’t help but have a little snigger. Well the seals seemed to continually make sounds like this; you’re constantly waiting for them to excuse themselves.

As well as the seals there were also the penguins. It was a little strange the contrast of Mother Nature’s little children against the industrial remnants of the rusted whaling station,