The count-down has begun

Howdy folks,

The countdown has started, 361 days until I turn 30 and in the words of Sir Ed, I “knock the Bastard off”. As I wanted to do in my last post before I got distracted with spelling god backwards was to put in photos of my previous birthdays. For me my birthdays act as marker posts, a specific date that I can remember where I was each year. So here are my working the world marker posts.

11/11/81 When I look at this photo there are two things I notice, firstly that I’m crying. If you don’t know the story behind my nickname Hap, it came about because as a baby I always use to cry, so dad nicknamed me Hap and it has seemed to stick around. Secondly I’m only a day old, but I reckon I’m endowed like a 2 week old!

11/11/03 Seoul, South Korea – Glorified babysitter (English Drama teacher)

11/11/04 – Alicante, Spain. Private Tutor/Chaperon for 17 year old son of wealthy family (Not a bad job when you can teach half naked and look out the classroom window over the Mediterranean)

11/11/05 – Vancouver, Canada – I was an Erection Specialist (Erecting tents).

11/11/06 – Alberta, Canada, – Working the rigs, although if I remember rightly the week after my birthday I had to leave Canada as my work visa had been refused, and little did I know I wouldn’t return for nearly a year.

11/11/07 – Nelson, New Zealand – Hanging out at home after a little accident

11/11/08 – Western Australia – Exploration Field Assistant

11/11/09 – Ushuaia, Argentina – Sitting at Antarctica hostel doing everything in my power to get to the continent of Antarctica (dreadlocks still intact at this point)

11/11/10 – Tasmania, Australia – Back to being an Exploration Field Assistant, although totally different in every aspect to my previous Outback job in 2008

– Africa – The Final Continent Expedition. (Photo courtesy of Al Humphreys)

This year I was so worried about my birthday photo I called in my professional stylist (Mandy watched a 30 second youtube video on how to cut hair). And yes I’m wearing pants – I think I was, ah yes I was, it was my sister taking the photo.

The birthday photo, new hair cut and mo. And check out my cake my work mates got made for me. Apparently there was meant to a male doll behind the sheep doing something (what the male doll was meant to be doing behind it I don’t know).

OK, enough photos of me