FCE logo unveiling!

Howdy folks,

Let me introduce you to the sexy stylish Final Continent Expedition logo (it’s usually minus the poo brown boarder, that’s just a setting with my blog):

Big thanks to super designer friend Abbie for donating her time and amazing design skills to whip us up a FCE logo. It first started when Abbie below jogged around for a little brain storm of ideas, then a dinner with Mandy and I over a couple of bottles of red wine to narrow her ideas down. So this is the final product, l love it.

We made some flyers up using the logo and I handed them out at the Melbourne bike festival that was held last week.

This is what I love about the Final Continent Expedition, everybody willing to help out, to be a part of it, to make the dream a reality. It’s great. Abbie is just one example of a friend helping us out. I will shed some light on other mates that are helping out in future posts.