FCE charity promotional video – It’s bloody awesome!

It gives me great pleasure Ladies and Gentlemen to present to you (cue drum roll) … THE FINAL CONTINENT EXPEDITION charity promo video! (Lights please)

Ummmm shave all hair from the shoulders up?

If you watched it, you will agree with me that Sich did an AMAZING job, especially when he had no expedition footage to work with. The footage he used is of his parent’s trip to Africa in 1970 with an old school super 8 camera (it was probably old school back then).

And yes, I feel extremely lucky that Sichs and my path crossed, he really does add a whole new dimension to the Final Continent Expedition. Watching the video just gets me excited to think what he will put together for the actual documentary when he has actual footage!

So jump on board the FCE train folks, help us get the word out about this, help us raise the $12,000 for Bicycles for Humanity and help me get beaten up in Africa for looking like a skin head with no eye brows!

Oh yeah, I have a challenge for you, try and watch the video without smiling! What is it about dishevelled laughing African kids that makes you smile?

OK, the FCE train is leaving, jump on, toot toot!

Nuthin but love Hap