My first stand-up comedy performance

Howdy folks,

Stand-up comedy has always been something I wanted to try my hand at. So when I was at work in Tasmania and heard the RAW comedy festival advertised on Triple J’s I decided to sign up. It’s Australia’s largest open mic comedy festival.

I must admit it was a little nerve racking getting up on stage. I love public speaking, but stand-up is a whole new game when you have the expectation of having to make people laugh, otherwise it’s a long 5 minutes standing on stage.

But I couldn’t have asked for things to go better, the crowd seemed to like my routine which basically consisted of me talking about my dick and shagging sheep whilst standing in my tighty whitey undies. And never underestimate the awkwardness of standing in front of your co-workers in your jocks, I practiced my routine for my co-workers at my local pub in Tasmania a couple of days before my heat.

Out of the 30 contestants in my heat I made it through to the state semi-finals in 3-4 weeks time when all 5 Melbourne based heats are completed, the photo above is of the successful contestants. So I will see what happens, the successful semi-finalists then go to the state finals, then all the winners of the Australia wide state finals go to Sydney for the Australia finals, and then I think the top 10 from there perform in the grand final at the Melbourne International Comedy festival to be broadcasted on ABC, with the winner going to the world’s largest comedy festival in Edinburgh.

But hey, I’m just glad to have the experience and be involved and not have tomatoes thrown at me (shit, I feel as though I’m meant to be saying something funny). Ummmm Diddle.