Round again rings

Howdy folks,

I’m pretty darn excited to present to you “round again rings“. These little rippers are the creative brain child of Nicola Macklin of Nicola Macklin Design. Like so many people that have jumped onboard and helped the Final Continent Expedition (FCE) get to where it is now, Nicola’s contribution are her round again rings. She will be selling them on behalf of the FCE with all proceeds going direct to Bicycles for Humanities (We are getting close to the $10,000 mark).

But these are more than just rings; these are rings with a message. The rings are made from plastic that Nicola picked out of a plastic factory’s rubbish bin, plastic that was destined for landfill. Nicola’s hope is that when people wear the rings it will remind them to reduce their waste. She also wants to bring awareness to the Pacific garbage vortex, the accumulation of plastic in the Pacific where all the ocean’s currents meet, an accumulation of plastic that is twice the size of continental America. That’s a lot of plastic that isn’t very fantastic!

Please go and visit Nicola’s impressive web site that she has put a lot of time and effort into. It explains how she made the rings, the inspiration about it, tonnes of information on the garbage vortex and the FCE and how you can get your little mitts onto a pair of these little buggers before Golom does.

It really is quite humbling browsing through Nicola’s website and seeing how much work she has poured into it so she can help out the FCE and Bicycles for Humanity. Please spread the word, therefore helping raise money for our Africa bound sea container and helping Nicola bring awareness to this plastic monster we are creating in the Pacific Ocean, here is the link to her website:….html