Quick update

Hey folks,

I have 12 minutes left on my internet so going to try and write a quick post.  The internet is slow draining over here, i have posts on my laptop but unable to upload them. But i will when I come across half decent internet.

So much I want to say.  Luckily for you i have to keep this short. I’m currently in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls. Left Katima on Wednesday. I rather releived that I’m excited to be back on the bike, as for awhile there I wasn’t too sure if being on the lonely road was the best place to be with all that has happened over the past month or so.  But I’m loving it, and really looking forward to the coming little adventure.

My plan.  I left Katima on Wednesday and made it to Botswana, camped there and the following day which was yesterday came into Zimbabwe. This involved cycling 70km through a national park, rather tense time, but my god I covered some quick km’s and only stopped once. Luckily didn’t see any lions, only buffalo and elephant.

I’m staying in Vic Falls on the Zimbabwe side. I LOVE the Zim people.  I head off tomorrow early, providing i don’t over indulge in the happy hour drinks here at the hostel (loving being back around fellow travelers).  I have to cover 250-300kms by Tuesday to catch an overnight ferry across Lake Kariba (the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia).

Once on the Eastern shore of Kariba, I will head up into Zambia 500km to go to a place called Minga where the people from back in Nelson are working.  In fact it’s my family doctor, the parents or Charlie and Lucy Parr if you know them.

Then it’s another 500km onto Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.  Will spend a couple of weeks there. My plan is to spend my 30th on the rooftop of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, but it pretty expensive, $US1500 for the 5-8 day hike. I hoping to get a company on board to help sponsor a bit of it, so if you know any travel based companies let me know.

OK, time running out, so much i want to say, and a few yarns as well but they gonna have to wait.

Hope you are all well.

Nuthin but love Hap