Once you see black you don’t look back!

On my bike trip thus far I have had many cycling companions, but one sticks out.

Joseph cycled 25km with me as I left Katima. Joseph was a local of Katima and was on his way to work. Joseph was a builder and had his tools on the back of his colonial styled bike that was his work truck.

It all started off pretty harmlessly, Joseph enjoying the challenge of trying to keep up with me on his typical Katima bike that he had bought from the local furniture shop. Thus was before our bike workshop was in place of course. We chatted about life in Katima, about the hut he was building for a chief in a village about 30 kms away and my bike trip.

Joseph then pulled over to the side of the road and told me he would catch me up. After about 10 minutes I heard Joseph puffing and turned to welcome him back. But when I turned I got more than I bargained for. Joseph was no longer wearing his work trousers but was wearing pink satin boxers. From what I saw I quickly realised another reason why bike shorts are very tight. I also realised that when you see black you don’t look back!