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The most beautiful place in the world!

Over the years of working the world I find nothing more satisfying than completing a chapter. And this chapter has been my most challenging. Sitting here in a smoky café in Puerto Natales, Chile I reflect on my early days of the chapter when I…

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What day is it today?

The title to this post, “what day is it today?” is the question I asked my co-workers whilst inhaling our food at the crew mess before rushing to work. Out of the five of us, not one of us knew. Why? Because every day is…

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Don’t miss the bus!

When I disembarked from the cruise ship at 5pm on Friday in Ushuaia (Argentina) I had 72 hours to exit the country. For these 72 hours I was the responsibility of the company’s local port agent. The port agent had organised me a bus ticket…

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6 star living quarters

My ship is not merely a luxury cruise ship but classifies itself as a ultra luxury ship. The video below is a photo tour of my ultra luxury crew cabin.  From the video you can see that it makes my time working in the mines…

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