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A great week at work!

Last week would go down as one of my best weeks of work and it wasn’t because it was my last week either. Basically I was choppered out into the middle of nowhere for 5 days fieldwork, but I will let the photos do the…

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End of another chapter.

Howdy folks, Yep, it’s that time again for me where another chapter comes to an end. I have let work know that this week will be my last, signalling the end of my Tasmanian chapter which has been my third longest chapter at 9 months…

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Rocking it in the rain.

So I’m back in the real world of work, and to tell you the truth I’m kind of enjoying being back in a routine. It’s a little unfortunate that I’m not in Melbourne – well I am but I’m working a 2 weeks on in…

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“Airport security, come with me”

My plane touched down at Devonport Airport in Tasmania, an island off the south eastern coast of Australia. Tassie as it’s known by Aussies is famous for the Tasmanian devil and jokes about inbreeding and off spring with extra digits. I suppose it has a…

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