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A great week at work!

Last week would go down as one of my best weeks of work and it wasn’t because it was my last week either. Basically I was choppered out into the middle of nowhere for 5 days fieldwork, but I will let the photos do the…

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End of another chapter.

Howdy folks, Yep, it’s that time again for me where another chapter comes to an end. I have let work know that this week will be my last, signalling the end of my Tasmanian chapter which has been my third longest chapter at 9 months…

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The count-down has begun

Howdy folks, The countdown has started, 361 days until I turn 30 and in the words of Sir Ed, I “knock the Bastard off”. As I wanted to do in my last post before I got distracted with spelling god backwards was to put in…

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A birthday babble – 11/11/10

Well here I am, 29 years old! Exactly one year to go until this little holiday of mine comes to an end, ooohhhhh so many questions, what next? Ummmm, I heard McDonalds are hiring. I also think that I would like to upgrade from looking…

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