Mission complete

On the 11/11/11 I celebrated my 30th birthday on the top of Africa’s Mt Kilimanjaro, my final continent in my working the world quest. This was the moment I had been working towards for nearly nine years since I boarded the plane as a 21…

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Book launch date!

Howdy Folks, Wow, just over 2 years ago I opened an email in my inbox with the subject line “possible book”. I remember the day clearly, Mandy and I had just arrived in Melbourne and since we didn’t have internet had gone to a local…

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The Wedding……My Wedding

I think it was the editor of my book that said “Hap, you could not make your life any more random/interesting if you tried”. Sometimes I have wished it was a little less interesting, ie not breaking up in the middle of Africa while making…

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SURPRISE! Haps back and blogging

Well I’ve decided to keep writing my blog, since I’m know an “author” I decided I should keep flexing my muscle…………..my writing muscle that is, apparently it’s like a brain and if you don’t use it you loose it. Since I haven’t been that blessed…

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Bikes for Africa Documentary Trailer.

Hey Folks, Sorry about the last post you got, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging so a bit rusty.  I have written a massive blog post about the documentary getting all emotional and thanking everyone, and talking about the experience, but I’m still writing it. I’ll try…

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