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Bikes for Africa Documentary Trailer.

Hey Folks, Sorry about the last post you got, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging so a bit rusty.  I have written a massive blog post about the documentary getting all emotional and thanking everyone, and talking about the experience, but I’m still writing it. I’ll try…

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Sich making waves!

Like an Antarctic ice berg breaking off and making a tsunami like wave, the FCE documentary maker Richard “Sich” Sidey has been making waves of his own within the filming industry. His recent non-verbal experimental short film entitled “Landscapes at the Worlds Ends” embedded above…

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The seed of the FCE dream – Feb 2010

Howdy folks, Below is an email I sent Sich (FCE doco maker) on February 16th of this year, while I was in Chile, just after I had finished work on the cruise ship in Antarctica. The same cruise ship that Sich had worked on as…

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FCE Documentary gone public

Hey team, Just a quick post to let you know that Sich the Final Continent Expedition doco maker has unveiled his plans for Africa 2012 on his blog, check out his post. Also congratulations are in order for Sich whose recent triptych imagery film Landscapes…

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