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Head winds, mountains, the shits and showering with a drunk villager!

After spending two nights in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s I reluctantly had to leave. The reason being that I had 265km to cycle in three days to catch the once a week overnight ferry that goes from the western tip of Lake Kariba to the eastern…

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Elephants, just what the doctor ordered!

Howdy folks, Well after my last blog post you were probably thinking that being in the middle of Africa may not be the best place to be, and trust me I thought the same a few times as well. But Africa has elephants! I think…

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First week of our bike work shop.

Hey folks, Firstly internet is scarce here in Katima and not to mention very slow, but I will try to keep you all updated. All is going well with the project, the first week is complete. The 5 local guys that are being trained as…

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FCE logo unveiling!

Howdy folks, Let me introduce you to the sexy stylish Final Continent Expedition logo (it’s usually minus the poo brown boarder, that’s just a setting with my blog): Big thanks to super designer friend Abbie for donating her time and amazing design skills to whip…

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