Top 10 views in the world

National Geographic voted the view from Cerro Campanario as one of the top 10 views in the world. I’m sure there’s some amazing views in the world, for example the view from Everest must be pretty good. But hey if you spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to get there, trained for a year, endured physical hell and risked your life, then obviously you’re going to love the view from Everest, even if it’s storming with only 2 metres visibility!

The beauty of Cerro Campanario is that you don’t have to endure a physical hell to be rewarded with a heavenly view. Cerro Campanario is located only 15 mins by public bus out of Bariloche. You can either get a little chair lift to the 1050 metre summit, or if you’re a frugal backpacker, you can navigate the maze of tracks up through the bush. And if you’re real thrifty you can even take up your own lunch and coffee in a flask and sit at the café on top of the world.


The photos don’t really do the 360 degree view any justice, although I must say the good looking fella in the red t-shirt enhances the view.