Welcome to heaven

OK, so I might say my job is the worst job I have ever had, blah blah, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Every now and then there’s a sunbeam that shines through the routine, and yesterday was one of them. Yesterday was a day that will go down as one of my more memorable days of work. Let me share it with you to give you a little ray of light amongst my dark posts.

Within the dining room crew my nickname is Tourist Boy. This is because I always go on the landings when the opportunity arises and I’m always taking photos as www.hapworkingtheworld.com is a full time operation, haha. Since I started my blog I have evolved with my camera in my pocket. I’ve mentioned previously my work mates are on the ship to work, and I’m here to experience the great wonder that is Antarctica.

So when my boss asked the dining room team who wanted to work the afternoon serving champagne to the guests, everyone said “Tourist Boy will!” And I was like, “hell yeah, Tourist Boy will!”

Why was I so excited to serve champagne? Because I was to be serving champagne outside, in the picturesque Le’ Maire channel, while in a Zodiac dinghy.

The afternoon was spent zipping through this spectacular channel between sculpture-like icebergs, watching leopard seals and taking in the sublime beauty. Oh yeah, and of course serving the odd glass of champagne now and then.

As often as I paint a gloomy picture, this particular day was definitely one of those “I’m so lucky” moments. In fact, this entire last cruise has been like that, while I’m doing all my “lasts.” It seems it’s always the way, that when you know you’re leaving you start to appreciate everything so much more.

OK, enough of this lovey-dovey blog post! Back to “living the nightmare” – I really have to stop watching Fox news!