Media Coverage for Final Continent Expedition

“That bloody Hap guy in the news again”. I’m sure some people have said the last few days after a couple of articles were published in the local rags back home. Great to have the local support, and cheers to Geoff Collet (The Nelson Mail) and AJ (The Nelson Weekly) for the great work on the articles – It looks like I put you both wrong, I was Divemaster in Thailand, not Paraguay, although diving in Paraguay would be a real challenge – It’s landlocked, haha, classic. Check out the articles at the links below.

Nelson Weekly – Nelson man using pedal power for final challenge (Article is on page 4)

The Nelson Mail – Bicycle power for Africa

To the people of Nelson, you can relax now; I will be taking my Fabio greasy curly locks out of the spot light. Cheers for all the support, means a lot.